To make a return:

  • You have 14 days from the completion of the order to proceed to return your items, if you have received defective, or if you consider that it does not fit the description. You can perform the management from our website in the section "Customer Service" specifying the reason for the return, and our courier will be responsible for collecting your package within a period of 24-72 working hours.
  • You must enter the order form inside the package and indicate in it that you want the refund of the amount. The payment will be made once we receive your package and as long as they have not exceeded 14 days since the order was placed. The amount will be paid by the same payment method used when placing the order and will be reflected in a maximum period of 14 working days on the card statement if it is a credit card, or in the account if It is a debit card, as well as PayPal.
  • For orders against reimbursement, you must indicate an account where you want the deposit to be made.
  • You can also choose to request a subscription coupon to use in your next purchase on the web. You will be sent an email with a code that you must enter when making the payment.
  • Returns of garments already used, or articles made by hand are not accepted.
  • The cost of return is always borne by the seller as long as the method of urgent delivery by courier on the part of the buyer has not been chosen, in which case it will be made through normal mail.